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Find the ideal freelancer for one-off or recurring projects in less than 12 hours, thanks to the match made by our AI.

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e Startups

Recruitment and selection

Recruit with our AI technology and find the ideal candidate (CLT, PJ or freelancer) 4x faster.

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HR, Marketing Agencies
e Software Houses

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Project or Squad

Take advantage of the strength of multidisciplinary teams selected to meet your project’s exact needs.

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New economy professionals you can find at CROWD

At CROWD, innovation transcends technology, touching lives, transforming human relationships and the future of work.

We promote change through inclusive, free new economy skills education and connection between people, breaking down barriers and building a market where everyone has access to opportunities.

Here people from all backgrounds come together to grow, regardless of location, race, gender, ideology, religion…, breaking social paradigms through new technologies.

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and Selection

Projects and Squads


Entrepreneurs and Startups

HR, Marketing Agencies and Software Houses

Tech, Innovation and Marketing Directors and Managers


AI software to hire freelancers

Software with AI to hire freelancers, PJ and CLT

We assemble the AI ​​team for your project immediately


Receive quotes from freelancers in less than 12 hours

Receive quotes from freelancers in less than 12 hours + Hire CLTs and PJs 4x faster

We take care of putting together the best team for your project

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Free to Publish, % for safe hiring

R$280/month (unlimited job postings) and % for safe hiring of freelancers

Budget per project or team allocation.


Freedom to hire one-off or recurring freelancers safely

Reducing bureaucracy in hiring PJs + 5 CROWD Academy licenses for training.

Personalization, agility, without risk and with privileged service.


Remote, Hybrid

Remote, Hybrid, In-person

Remote, Hybrid, In-person





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A Story Told in Numbers

Years of dedication, an expanding network of professionals and a vast list of satisfied clients.

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New Economy Skills

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Connections Made

+ 20 k

Marketing and technology professionals


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